Endpapers / Cover papers

Wide range of speacilly produced endpaper and cover paper. This can be ordered in both white and coloured, and in several different embossing. Several new series of recycled post consuming waste fibers. Suitable for offsettprinting, digitalprinting, screenprinting and foile embossing. Usually used for books, covers, albums, ring binders, boxes etc.


Coated and flocked cover paper

Paperbased covering materials coated with acrylic, PU, nitrocellulose or PVC. Several choices within embossing, colours and patterns. Suitable for books, menues, folders, albums, ring binders, covers etc. 

BN Conver materials


PU polyurethane covering materials

Many different types of thermo reactive, digital and offset printable PU-products which are suiteable for books, diarys, fotoalbums, menues and stationary supplies.



Covering cloths/fabrics

Woven fabrics of cotton and rayon, with or without paperbacking. Several choices within coloures and structur. Special qualities suitable for offset-, silk screen- and digital printing. Suitable for high quality books, covers, ring binders, packaging, etc.

BN Conver materials


Genuin leather / "Bonded leather"

Genuin leather, comes in several different coloures and embossing. Suitable for both hand binding and industrial production. "Bonded leather" is delivered on rolls and is made of comminuted leather.

Colonia Leather



PVC-foil, Mouse pad and PET products

PVC-foil comes in different coloures, patterns and gramage. Mouse pad comes in different gramage and coloures. Many new and easily degradable PET products.


Coloured and coated carton

Dyed and white, as well as coated and flocked carton for soft cover, folders and different types of presentations. Created for all types of printing and embossing methodes.

BN Conver materials



Greyboard and foamboard for books, folders, ring binders, packaging and board games/puzzles. Available in customized formate and thickness.

Ribbons, sewing thread and spine material

Headbands and sign tape in a wide range of coloures. Sewing thread and sealing thread for both industrial production and handcrafting. Spine material as gauze, paper lined mull, brown or white creped paper, spine hollow, etc. This comes in all lengths and widths..

Miscellaneous equipments

Elastics for menues and other graphic products. Several ring mechanisms, self adhesive file mechanism, different clips, book corners, book screws, rivets, etc.

Constantin Hang
Moog & Langenscheidth
Moog & Langenscheidth
Moog & Langenscheidth


Grafdirekt AS

Grafdirekt offer custom offers with direct deliveries from manufacturer to customer. Grafdirekt promotes products from leading manufacturers around the globe and we have specialized in cost-effective solutions for deliveries to the graphical industry. Grafdirekt operates as agent and broker and has no costly intermediaries.

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